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BASIC is a highly cost-effective way to build your brand name with regular users of information sites.

Starting with news and sports, BASICS extends to weather, tech entertainment and more. Additionally, the package offers access to a range of devices — desktops, phone and tablets.

International websites bring a greater scope to subjects and help residents and guest keep up to date on news that interest them the most.

When people get their news

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News From Around The World

USA Today
Jamaica Gleaner
The Daily Mail
The Irish Times
Toronto Star
Yahoo News
MSN News


per month across multiple sites.
*subject to change by host without notice

How It Works

Advertise on Daily News & Sports

a custom digital media package

rdis communications provide advertising access to a range of websites.

Let rdis remove the guesswork and simplify media placement. With Basic you get:
  • Fixed budget - One price, multiple sites.
  • Convenience - one vendor to access all networks
  • Efficiency - reach those most interested in your business
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