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rdis | media

Attract new customers and clients to your business by using digital advertising.
Social Media Advertising

Everyone is talking about social media as though it is the solution to all marketing and communications problems.

Free social media is the equivalent to public relations; you release your messages then it circulates into the online community — that's if you built up followers.

Paid social media is a form of digital advertising; you can pay to insert your message inside social discussions that can be a rather broad and random range of topics. Social is great for engaging the public.

Digital Advertising

Bermuda companies can now use the power and convenience of digital advertising to reach customer and clients who engage in large media brands like CNN, ESPN, HGTV, Men's Health and more.

In the past, international video was not accessible to local companies because of cable TV advertising laws. However, today, due to lower production costs, the improved quality of devices and digital platforms, rdis can offer digital placements.

Digital advertising offers the best option to place ads on international brand platforms. Through rdis, your company can appear on a brand's website, videos, and app that reach a highly engaged audience that will respond to your message.

rdis | media

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Digital Advertising on ESPN Platforms


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How It Works

Advertise on ESPN

rdis | Brands — a custom digital media package

rdis communications provide advertising access to ESPN’s website, YouTube Channel and Mobile App. We also offer associated ESPN advertising options for partner networks.

Let rdis remove the guesswork and simplify media placement. With rdis | Brands you get:
  • Flexible budget - a per-day package
  • Convenience - one vendor to access all networks
  • Efficiency - reach those most interested in your business
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