Jordan Peele Made History At The Oscars

He Is The First In Oscar's 90-year History

First black writer to ever win for Best Original Screenplay.

In marketing, demographics plays an important part in the success of a product or service offering.

Mr Peele's win is a milestone for writers and story tellers who aren't allowed to develop their craft and engage audiences in a way that way that makes sense.

Mr Peele wrote his original screen play for horror-satire movie called "Get Out". The stereotype for many horror movie was the black person gets killed first. It was so pronounced it became cliche. For Peele, not only did he write the screen play, he directed the feature film. Working with a budget of $4.5 million, his work grossed $255 million at the box office. This demostrates that knowing your audience can play an important in your success.

He joins: The King's Speech, David Seidler; The Hurt Locker, Mark Boal; Crash, Paul Haggis, Robert Moresco; Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola; Patton, Francis Ford Coppola & Edmund H. North; Rain Man, Ronald Bass & Barry Morrow; Chariots Of Fire, Colin Welland — people you may have never heard of, but movies that made a cultural impact on visual story telling.